Fuel for Hurricane Lanterns

What oil to use with a storm lantern?

From time to time I get the question which oil is best for a storm lantern and/or storm lamp. On this page I give you some advice.

The most common fuels

There are many different types of fuels available for a storm lamp. Many people choose lamp oil mainly because it is the easiest to obtain. I do not recommend using lamp oil, it smells much more than other options, and often (colored) lamp oil is not pure and can therefore cause contamination in the storm lamp.
It is also not recommended to use alcohol or gasoline, this is very flammable, and the fumes are not healthy, so do not do it.
I have the best experiences with pure petroleum; it is very clean, and when it ignites, it produces little odor. Pure petroleum is readily available.
Another good option is kerosene oil, which is a lot higher in price.

Unpleasant odor from a used hurricane lantern?
When you have bought a used storm lamp, always replace the wick as well; this can make a big difference in the smell that comes from it.