The Manufacturers

Here you will find more information about the ship light manufacturers.
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What is striking when you look at the well-known German brands is that they mostly come from Beierfeld. Beierfeld is located in the Ore Mountains and originally a place where a lot of iron, tin and tin was processed.

Barrels made of sheet steel have been produced since the 14th century. Many plumbing guilds arose in this region in the 16th century. The plumbers of this time made their products from tin-plated thin sheet steel and therefore had the tools for this. Over the centuries, such craft businesses increasingly concentrated in Beierfeld and the surrounding area. Many of these artisanal plumbing companies also produced other products, so lantern production was a logical consequence of many metalworking companies. Especially in the middle of the 19th century, more and more craftsmen from Beierfeld turned to lanterns, making this town the cradle of the German storm lantern.