About the old man

You might wonder, who is the old man at the homepage banner, well, that's my grandfather, I let this picture drawn by my uncle, an artist, give him a piece of paper and inspiration and he creates the most beautiful works of art.

My grandfather

This drawing depicts my grandfather standing in front of his shed, holding a Bat 2850 hurricane lantern. His name was Frens Luten; he lived in Ruinen with my grandmother Annie Luten-Verhagen and passed away in 2007 at the age of 87. He had a small riding school with a few horses, ponies, and some pony carriages. During the summer holidays, I helped my grandfather with the riding school for a few weeks; I have good memories of this time.

I had the idea to immortalize my hobby with my past for a long time, and I found my uncle Robert Leerentveld willing to turn it into a work of art.
It turned out exactly what I had hoped for, my grandfather with his cap, braces, and big hands standing in front of his shed. Also, always with a cigarette or cigar.

He worked in the fields until he was 82, looking after the horses and ponies, and lugging heavy buckets of water to the pastures.
My grandfather was not a talker but a hard worker who never complained. I have great respect for him and am glad I could have this drawing made of him.

The artist

The artist who made this artwork is my uncle, Robert Leerentveld. A man with a great appearance, a real biker, with a heart of gold. Since I've known him, he has been drawing, often somewhat characteristically, about everything that interests him, fantasy, trolls, cows, nature, e.g.. I am grateful to him for making this drawing of my grandfather a lasting memory.

The artwork